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Transform Your Accounting Practice Journey

A Guide to Start Outsourcing with NextGen

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Empowers Accounting Practice Owners for Success

NextGen specializes in helping accounting practices overcome scaling challenges, expanding your capacity for success.

If you are held back by the never-ending struggles of :

  • time management,
  • business development,
  • team skill utilization,
  • pricing strategy,
  • regulatory compliance,
  • and staff retention


It’s time to break free and unleash the true potential of your accounting practice!

How to start?

Step 1: The Introductory Call

The first step towards transforming your accounting practice starts with our non-obligatory 30 minute introductory call.

We'll assess your requirements with precision, ensuring a seamless integration process tailored to your specific goals.

Step 2: The Trial Period

Experience the NextGen Difference - Risk-Free.

Throughout this trial, you'll have access to a senior accountant from NextGen who will provide comprehensive support.

And here's the best part: If you're not completely satisfied after the trial, there's no cost to you.

Step 3: How to Outsource

Elevate Your Practice to New Heights

Step three is all about maximizing your potential through the power of outsourcing.
Our dedicated back-office team at NextGen is here to help you seamlessly delegate your clients.

By entrusting 90% of the work to us for just 30% of the bookkeeping fee, you can elevate your profits and gain a competitive edge.

Simple Math For Growth

Worried about maintaining service quality while reducing costs?

Let’s talk about the financial benefits.

With NextGen, you can outsource 90% of your work for just 30% of the bookkeeping fee, optimizing your practice and saving money.

Picture this: you charge your clients $200, but by delegating the work to us, you only pay $60.

That’s a simple math equation for growth, allowing you to optimize your resources and increase your bottom line.

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