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Virtual team for your bookkeeping business


You cannot find time to grow your client base, finish your ongoing projects, or simply build the work-life balance we all need? It’s time to partner with our professional team.

Here is how we can help!


Why the old way doesn't work anymore?

The technology advancement is changing the accounting industry at a rapid pace. Presenting an excellent opportunity for bookkeepers who stay on top of industry trends, but also a BIG threat if you stay behind.

Many great bookkeepers struggle to grow their businesses while not being able to find the right support they need to take on new clients.

Many more are struggling to stay profitable, or they are missing excellent opportunities to sign their ideal client when their offer is a bit too high.


This is where we step in

Smart solution for building your Next Generation Bookkeeping Business

Virtual Bookkeeping Team

Next Generation Company is a back-office bookkeeping agency that partners with bookkeepers across the U.S. By combining European time-zones, experienced team, and affordable prices, our partners have a significant advantage on the market.  

Meet our team

Understanding the fact that bookkeeping is an unregulated profession in the US, our number one priority was to gather a highly experienced team of Senior accountants proven in different industries for over 11 years. The team that we have at Next Generation is shaped in a way that will give you experience, speed, and quality. No matter the size of your company we always make sure to give you professional and scalable support form day one.


With vast experience in building great team culture, his number one priority is to create an assertive and motivating work environment, which will have a positive spill-over effect on his clients.

Co-founder / finance team lead


Ana is an educated and highly devoted accounting professional with over 11 years of “real-world’ working experience in the industry. She is responsible for recruiting and mentoring our Junior bookkeepers.
Junior support

Our Team

Our young and highly motivated team of Junior bookkeepers are a valuable support to our Senior Accountants. All of our staff are in-house, full-time employees, so we can always guarantee the highest quality in our services.

Why choose us


We're on a Cloud

At Next Generation, we use an industry-leading technology that provides efficiencies and “audit protection” benefits like secure, cloud storage. QuickBooks Online, Xero and other third-party apps we use will protect your data with the same encryption technology used by the world’s top banks.


Time Zone Benefits

Add continuity and diversity to your operations by having a team that is always “On”. Our US partners use the advantage of the time difference to get continued, round-the-clock work, coordination and faster completion of their tasks.


2x More Mainpower

Regardless of your size, you’ll have a Senior Accountant and a Junior Bookkeeper at your disposal. The opportunity to simply “plug-in” experienced staff based on your business needs, will maximize your productivity and efficiency. No more seasonal staff shortages, sick leaves or day-offs for holidays.

How does it work?

Quote in your inbox
Step 1

Quote in your inbox

We respect your time! This means we’re not going to attack you with pushy sales calls, trying to sell something that you don’t need. Instead, you can answer 6 short questions at your convenience, and our team will prepare a custom made quote. You’ll see it in your inbox the next day.

Risk-free trial
Step 2

Risk-free trial

You like our prices? Great! Now you can start your Risk-Free trial period. Get full support from team leader with 10+ years of experience and junior bookkeeper for a month and if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied, you’ll get your money back. No questions asked.

No more bookkeeping
Step 3

It's time to grow

Congratulations! Your bookkeeping team is ready to support you. Now you can focus on scaling and growing your business without having to worry about capacity ever again. Our partners are serving clients on ratio 50:1, which is double the industry average.

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