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Discover a community where Macedonian accountants converge to foster growth, exchange ideas, and navigate the dynamic landscape of U.S. accounting. In this hub, you’re not just a member—you’re part of a movement.
Whether you’re just starting your journey or you are already in the process of shifting, this hub is a central meeting point where you can gain knowledge and interact with like-minded professionals.
This is your gateway to transition from the Macedonian accounting market to the US one.

Why NextGen HUB

  • Network with the Best: Engage with fellow Macedonian accounting professionals who have made their mark in the U.S. market and those aspiring to do the same.

  • Unlock Exclusive Resources: Gain access to industry insights, webinars, tutorials, and materials tailored specifically for Macedonian accountants transitioning to the U.S. sector.

  • Stay Updated: Keep a pulse on the latest U.S. accounting trends, regulations, and best practices, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

  • Career Advancement: Explore job opportunities with NextGen and get insider tips on making a successful transition to the U.S. accounting realm.

  • Skill Enhancement: Participate in exclusive training sessions, workshops, and Q&A rounds designed to hone your skills and knowledge.

  • Community Support: Experience a supportive environment where members uplift one another, share challenges, offer solutions, and celebrate successes together.

Utilize your skills and work with international clients from diverse industries.

NextGen’s mission is to provide a supportive and informative community for Macedonian accountants interested in working with US clients.