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Hello, my name is Anna. I’m an accountant with more than 11 years of working experience. Working on a leading position in my career, I had a chance to build a successful team of skillful, hardworking, and motivated professionals. In the last four years, I’ve dedicated my time and energy to helping numerous CPAs, EAs and Bookkeepers to scale and grow their businesses.

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You cannot grow further because you’re not able to find trained and reliable support

You’re pushing back hiring new team member because it’s a slow and painful process

You would like to delegate your tasks to a self-managed team, requiring minimum or no control from your side

You found out that using local On-Demand bookkeeping services are often more expensive than the quote you’re giving to your clients

You would like On-Demand solution so you could “Plug-In” only when you need it

You are concerned that your employee might take your client after a while