Built a Million-Dollar Accounting Practice with NextGen's Tailored Offshore Support

Offshore teams for accountants to Triple Your Practice Capacity

Case Study 1

From $30.000 to $90.000 monthly revenue in one month

Discover how accounting practice leveraged NextGen’s back-office support and tech integration to skyrocket their monthly revenue to $90,000, triple client capacity, and streamline operations without compromising service quality.

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Case Study 2

Trust Restored, Revenue Tripled: An Accounting Practice’s Remarkable Turnaround

Learn how a skeptical accounting practice rebuilt trust in outsourcing, tripled their monthly revenue to $162,000, and expanded their services— all by partnering with NextGen's specialized back-office support and advanced tech solutions.

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Case Study 3

From Stifled to Thriving: How a California Practice Solved Its Bookkeeping Bottleneck

Learn how this family-run accounting practice overcame their struggle with finding reliable bookkeepers, transforming their monthly revenue from $30,000 to $60,000 while improving client satisfaction

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Case Study 4

From Tradition to Transformation: How an Established Accounting Practice Adapted for the Digital Age

Discover how a legacy accounting practice underwent a digital transformation, elevating monthly revenue from $50,000 to $80,000 and expanding services, all without losing the personal touch their clients value

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Case Study 5

Quality Meets Growth: How Boutique Accounting Practice Scaled with NextGen's Support

Unlocking Growth Without Compromise: NextGen helps a boutique accounting firm double revenue, expand services, and streamline operations—all without sacrificing quality.

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Case Study 6

A Florida-based Accounting Practice's Journey with Next Generation

Unlocking Potential, Tripling Growth: Next Generation transforms a Florida-based online accounting practice, optimizing workflow and scaling client base while maintaining quality.

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Meet Anastasija

Expertise in offshore teams for accountants is what I bring with my MBA and 14 years in US accounting to firms of all sizes. As the busy tax season approaches, I understand the crunch accounting professionals face. Overflowing workloads, talent shortage, and tight deadlines.

At NextGen, we provide tailor-made solutions that not only elevate your business growth but also reinforce your financial outcomes—backed by our guarantee. We recognize the unique dynamics of each accounting firm, providing personalized strategies to enhance your operations.

Our mission?

To boost your accounting services, ensuring prosperity through the busiest of times.

Why Choose Us?

Choose NextGen's offshore teams for accountants to navigate challenges and outpace competitors with strategic bookkeeping solutions


Managing a growing list of clients? With each new account, complexity multiplies. Scaling your practice is about more than just revenue—it's about meeting heightened challenges head-on.


Lacking a skilled and reliable workforce? We understand that having a dependable team is crucial. Your practice's reliability shouldn't be compromised by staffing challenges.


Is bookkeeping consuming time but offering low margins? The administrative work shouldn't overshadow your primary business activities. Let us help you optimize for profitability.

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Discover how offshore teams for accountants at NextGen drive efficiency and growth in these client success stories

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