Next Generation provides an end-to-end solution for all of your organization’s finance and accounting requirements and delivers valuable insights which will add considerable value to your business. Our services are offered in a cost-effective and scalable way by supporting your current team or by acting as your new formed department.

Bokkeeping back-office support

Technology advancement is changing the accounting industry at a rapid pace. This is an excellent opportunity for those who stay on top of industry trends and a BIG threat for those who remain behind.

Next Generation Company is a back-office bookkeeping agency working with CPAs, Accounting, and Bookkeeping practice owners, helping them scale and grow their businesses. Combining leading cloud technology with our Senior Accounting team and our European time zones gave our partners a significant advantage on the market

We understand that each business has unique needs and a “universal” model cannot be applied to everyone. Therefore, our managers take the time to go through your internal processes before an offer is given to you. Our risk-free trial period will give you the possibility to evaluate the impact we could have on your business, without making any obligations or changing your established procedures.

Several models that we found works best for most of our clients:


Our Basic Support Package includes data entry, reconciliation, reporting, and on-demand projects like clean-up and catch-ups. With in-house senior-level checks, it's perfect for those who need reliable bookkeeping support without advanced services and extra costs.


Upgrade to our Advanced Package for complete bookkeeping support, including a senior quality check for added assurance. Ideal for practices that want to focus on higher profit-margin activities while we handle their entire bookkeeping needs .


Get a personalized approach with our Tailored Consulting Services. We work with you to create a customized plan that meets your unique needs and goals, whether it's complex financial reporting or streamlining your back office. Our expertise and experience will help you succeed.