5 Reasons Why Choose Auto Shipping Brokers Over Carrier Companies

auto shipping brokers
Toni Ristovski

Toni Ristovski
Founder of Next Generation Company
November 29, 2018

The very first question when transporting a car is: Do I really need auto shipping brokers or I can contact the Carrier companies directly.

No matter how illogical it may sound, in this case, when you include the middleman, which is the Auto Shipping Broker, you are actually saving money, while receiving better services.

If you are like us, your car is probably your best friend, and even more important than your spouse (Did I just say that?)

Make sure to take into consideration these 6 reasons why choose an Auto Shipping Broker over Carrier company, before deciding who will take care of your precious one.

“Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them and they may come and stay.”

1. You’ll probably get a lower quote

Yes, you’ve heard that! You probably think that going with a Carrier company directly will save you the part where you need to pay a partial deposit to an Auto Shipping Broker, but on the contrary, there are so many brokers that can bid lower rates just to acquire more clients. Plus, Auto Shipping Brokers work with Carrier companies on daily basis, you probably don’t. Who do you think would have greater leverage when negotiating the price?

2. Fully covered Carriers’ network

The most of the Carriers cover particular routes but unlike them, the Auto Shipping Brokers cover every single route all over the county so their availability won’t be an issue.

3. Auto shipping brokers offer complete insurance

One of the broker’s main duty is to make sure that your vehicle will be completely insured when transported by a Carrier. This should be your number one priority.

4. Complete customer care

Auto Shipping Brokers operate in a competitive environment, which makes them quite sensitive about your satisfaction. You’ll have plenty of options to get an answer to all of your inquiry about the shipment via live chat, emails, direct calls, etc. Anytime, anywhere.

5. Advertising with auto shipping brokers

The auto shipping brokers are easy to be found online due to the good advertise they invest in. You can easily find their contact, or reviews about their work.

The Carrier companies may offer you lower prices sometimes and you might think is a better idea to go with them when a route is very common, but hardly you’ll get any of these services mentioned above because the Carriers’ core focus is on the physical aspect in transporting vehicles. If you want to discuss the topic further, feel free to contact us. It’s free!

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